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  • transportation, transportations, transport, transports, tanker, tankers, tanker truck, tanker trucks, petrol tanker, petrol tankers, dumptruck, dumptrucks, dumper, dumpers, means of transportation, means of transportations, fire extinguisher equipments, fire extinguisher equipment, wheel loader, wheel loaders, chemical carrier, chemical carriers, sewing machine, sewing machines, tires, wheel, wheels
    ACT Trade established in 1986 by Mr. Selim NURLU in Mersin/Turkey, started to operate throughout Asia, Europe, America and Middle East as a shipping agent in transit & local
    Telephone: +90 324 327 14 20 Address: Gazi Mahallesi, 2. Cadde, Bulvar Apt. No :1/1, Yenişehir, Mersin, Turkey
  • packaging, stretching, packaging, stretchings, automatic packaging, automatic packagings, box production, box productions, boxes, box, packaging products, packaging product, packing, packings, packages, package, plastered packaging, plastered packagings, cardboard packaging, cardboard packagings, cardboard bag, cardboard bags, heavy transportation corps, heavy transportation corp, post packet, post packets
    Myajans and Mypack are our companies. Mypack setted up after Myajans, 2001. When Mypack was established, we put our all abilities to get better place in business life. Our
    Telephone: +90 216 592 22 15 Address: Mimar Sinan Mahallesi, Ayvalı Sokak, No:44,, Sultanbeyli, İstanbul, Turkey
  • victualing, victualing, victualling, viaticum, provisions, equipage, victuals, provision, store, provisions, ship book, ship books, ship, ships, book, books, map, maps, ship map, ship maps, deck, decks, deck cams, deck cam, ship board, ship boards, lashing, lashings, shipping, shippings, transport, transports, transportation, transportations, shipment, shipments, ship repair equipment, ship repair equipments
    ALPHA Ship Repair Equipments and International ship supply Co. Was established in 1992 at Mersin. Since 1992, high quality, reliable service has been operating with an
    Telephone: +90 324 238 13 68 Address: Kültür Mh. Cengiz Topel Cd. Yalı Apt. A Blok, Kat:5, No:10, Akdeniz, Mersin, Turkey
  • vehicle material, vehicle materials, fire truck, funeral transportation vehicles, funeral washing vehicles, hydraulic compressed garbage container, transport trailer trash, advertising promotional vehicles, basket platform, water tanker, mobile type fire fighting vehicles, garbage trucks, mobile vacuum, hydrolith vehicles, forklift, fuel tanker, funeral washing area, damper vehicles, mobile workshop, fire trucks, funeral transportation vehicle, funeral washing vehicle
    ALPSAN VEHICLE EQUIPMENT INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. INC. Started its production in KONYA in 1000 square meters area in 1998 and today it continues production in 20000 square meters
    Telephone: +90 332 251 32 42 Address: Büyük Kayacık Mah. 2. Organize San. Bölgesi, Lalehan Cad. No:4, Konya, Turkey
  • customer facing, customer farewell, conference, business meetings, fair, organization, conference organization, meeting organization, fair organization, intermediary services, sea transport, transportation, container loading, inspections, order follow-up, following the production stage, customs procedure, customs transactions, shipping services, door to door shipping, money transfer, transport services, transport, transportations, land transportations, oversea transport, oversea transportation, air shipping, shipping, shipping services, foreign trade, foreign trade services, air transportation, airline transport, airline transportation, land shipping, oversea shipping, consultancy services, foreign trade service, customs clearance, fair transport, international transport, international transport services, road transportation, land shipping services, oversea shipping services, air shipping services, logistics, logistic, logistic services, consultancy, customs clearance, market research, product marketing, product market research, foreign trade services, air shipping service, maritime transport, highway transport, express service, express shipping service, express shipping services, inland transport, inland shipping, inland transportation, customs clearance, warehouse services, project transportation services, project transportation, intermodal shipping, intermodal transport, intermodal transportation, intermodal freight, inland freight
    The company was established by Thanks to God aloneTawareqe Inspection and Cargo Services since 2006 in the city of Guangzhou, China and was aimed at gaining the confidence of
    Telephone: +90 224 777 01 29 Address: Mahmudiye Mahallesi, Ertuğrulgazi Caddesi, No:84, İnegöl, Bursa, Turkey
  • food, food products, food transportation
    Telephone: +90 532 582 42 19  Address: HARAPARASI MH.TAYFUR SÖKMEN CD. ERDEM İŞ MRK.NO:50, ANTAKYA, HATAY, TURKEY
  • transportation, transportation service, transportation services, container transportation, container transportation service, container transportation services, carriage, carriage service, carriage services, shipping, shipping service, shipping services, container shipping, container shipping service, container shipping services, storage, storage service, storage services, container storage, container storage service, container storage services, logistic, logistics, logistic service, logistic se
    We as “Anadolu Maritime” can handle all CIF / FOB or EXWORKS shipments - including for your ; FCL or LCL or OOG or Break Bulk or project or heavy load shipments etc - we
    Telephone: +90 216 342 93 00 Address: Selimiye Mh. Selvikökü Sk. Kanaat Apt. No:14/4, Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • international transport, international transports, partial transportation, partial transportations, intercity transport, intercity transports, inland transport, inland transports, overseas transport, overseas transports, domestic transportation, domestic transportations, shipping, shippings, portage, portages, transport, transports, transporting, transportings, packaging, packagings, packing, packings
    As a result of our 14 years of experience, we aim to establish ourselves in 2015 and to carry forward our goals by basing our targets on customer satisfaction. We are working to
    Telephone: +90 462 328 27 26 Address: Yalıncak Mh. Devlet Sahil Yolu, Rize Cd. Atlas Tırpark, Ortahisar, Trabzon, Turkey
  • tourism, transportation, student transport, tourist transport, service transport, private tours, congress transportation, seminar transportation, domestic cultural tours, foreign cultural tours, personnel transport
    Having the widest service range in the tourism sector, Arıkan Tourism continues to add new services every day. Our firm is carrying out Overseas Tourist Transport, Outgoing Tours,
    Telephone: +90 284 714 01 44 Address: Oto Terminali, No:10, Keşan, Edirne, Turkey
  • cutting lines, automatic tape packing line, slitting line, trapeze line, open profile machine, pipe threader, pipe straightening machine, galvanized line, pipe end deburring machine, vacuum transportation machine, paper and pvc cutting machine, automatic pipe packing machine, hydraulic pipe testing machine
    ASRIN Makina İmalat San. Was founded in Istanbul in 1990. We have served to many companies both domestic and foreign companies both since our foundation. Our production range
    Telephone: +90 216 304 01 71-72 Address: Orta Mh. Kınalıkar Sk. Aktepe San. Sit. No:10, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • beams, transportation equipments, beam carriers, rapier beams, air jet beams, shuttle beams, fabric loom beams, narrow fabric loom beams, weaving machine beams, velvet weaving machine beams, carpet weaving machine beams, rug weaving machine beams, beam lifting trucks, beam storage trucks, batching trucks, beam, transportation equipment, beam carrier, rapier beam, air jet beam, shuttle beam, fabric loom beam, narrow fabric loom beam, weaving machine beam, velvet weaving machine beam, carpet weavi
    Shortly after the passing away of the late Mr. Kenan GORUR, the founder and owner of the company ‘GORURSAN’ - a leading company in the manufacturing of beams, was closed down.
    Telephone: +90 212 679 48 00-01 Address: Abay Cad., Zakirbaşı Sk., No: 28, Kazlıçeşme, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • transportation, logistics
    We provide logistics and transportation
    Telephone: +90 462 321 00 12 - 18 Address: İskenderpaşa Mah., İskele Cad., No: 5551/A, Ortahisar, Trabzon, Turkey
  • transport, transportation, transport services, transportation services, logistics
    Our company has been providing ground shipment services since the years it was founded, and in addition, the basic principles of our company are correctness and honesty. Our
    Telephone: +90 532 693 23 05 Address: Musazade Mah., Molla İş Hanı, Kat: 5, Arhavi, Artvin, Turkey
  • grain storage, grain storage silo, grain systems, chain conveyors, grain elevators, grain transportation, grain transportation systems, silo, grain storage facilities, storage silos, pre cleaners, grain dryers, dryer, belt conveyors, aeriation, aeriation systems, level sensors, truck loading silo, elevator towers, feed silos, steel construction, steel constructions, hopper bottom silos, grain storage silos, grain cleaning machines, automation system, flat bottom silos, economic hopper base silos
    Today, when the development and variation is inevitable; our principal purpose is to submit the solutions on time with better quality which our customers require. BRK has
    Telephone: +90 546 546 17 70 Address: Çoğlaki Mahallesi, 1212, Sokak, No:36, Aksaray, Turkey
  • transport, transportation, logistic, logistics
    We supply transport, transportation, logistic, logistics and
    Telephone: +90 326 225 05 11 Address: Yavuz Selim Cad. Recep Düşer Car, D Blok, No:14, Hatay, Turkey
  • Fresh Food, Fresh Fish, Healthy Food, Transportation, Export, Import, Sea Fish, Octopus, Musky Octopus, Cuttlefish, Thornback Skate, Common Smoothhound, Mantis Shrimp, Angler Fish, Bogue, Dentex, Sole, European Hake, Black Seabream, Common Seabream, Black Scorpionfish, Striped Seabream, Karanteen, European Squid, Caramote Prawn, Silver Seabream, Bass, Streaked Gurnard, Red Mullet, Mullet, Doree
    We supply fresh fish to Europe with our frigorific vehicles. We can supply all kind of fresh fish and costumer satisfaction is crucial for
    Telephone: +90 532 255 91 01 Address: Gazi Ömer Bey Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Meydanı, No:2, Enez, Edirne, Turkey
  • spare part, spare parts, automotive spare parts, construction vehicles, rent a car, car rental, transportation services, tourism, domestic transportation, abroad transportation, construction sector, construction projects, insurance, automobile insurance, vehicle insurance, traffic insurance, health insurance, home insurance, compulsory earthquake insurance, travel insurance, policy evaluation services, technical consulting, risk assessment, foundation, educational foundation, health foundation
    Those who want to own Mercedes-Benz do not decide without discussing with Has Automotive. Because they trust Has Automotive. Has Automativ's specialist sales - after sales staff
    Telephone: +90 216 412 15 15 - +90 532 412 16 96 Address: Bağlar İçi Cd. No:27, Avcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • flyer, printing, printing press, invoice, waybill, consignment invoice, hardcover invoice, installation receipt, computer form, printed documents, envelopes, foreign exchange purchase receipts, reckoning, financial approved documents, offset printing, magazine, banner, poster, inserts, notepad, calendar, brochure, catalog, business card, letterhead, file, folder, photocopy, official paperwork photocopies, payroll envelope, airline forms, luggage tag, phone card, duplicate forms, atm roll, Business forms, Envelopes, Wage envelopes, Pin-number envelopes, Post envelopes, Airline forms, Boarding pass, Baggage tags, Luggage Tag, Airway forms, air waybills, Die-cut card carriers, Die-cut, continuous membership cards, One-piece mailers, Cut size forms (snap-outs), Letterheads, Multi-layered forms, Crimping, Tape fastening, Listing paper, ATM receipts - P.O.S. Rolls, Bank cheque, cheque, Tickets, Entertainment tickets, Transportation tickets, Highway toll tickets, Lottery tickets, Parking lot tickets, Queue tickets, Label integrated forms, Pricing labels and tags, Direct thermal labels, Thermal transfer labels, EDP labels, Pressure sensitive labels, Textile tags, OCR forms, Commercial printing, Wrapping paper, RFID Applications, Public Transportation Tickets, Textile Labels, Meter Reading Cards, Parking Tickets, HF - UHF
    "DATA FORM A.Ş'' has been active since 1985. It is a printer that prints all kinds of continuous forms, computer forms, envelopes and labels. With years of experience, a wide
    Telephone: +90 212 481 53 00 ( PBX ) Address: Beylikdüzü Mermerciler Sanayi Sitesi, 5.Cd. No:12, 34520, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • inter-city transport, inter-city transportation, transport, transportation, transportation, truck transport, trucking, Public transport, public transport, domestic transportation, domestic transport, transportation between cities, inter-city transportation, shipping, relocation, international shipping, international transport, international shipping
    In 1947, İslamoğlu started transporting between cities under the name of Trade. It was established in 1997 in the market town of Kaptanoglu International Transportation Rize. Our
    Telephone: +90 464 612 47 00 Address: Karadeniz Cad. No:7, Pazar, Rize, Turkey
  • air freight, freight shipping, shipping services, transportation, oversea shipping, oversea transportation, land transportation, sea transport, land transport, air transport, oversea transport, partial transportation, heavy cargo shipping, railway transport, railway shipping, freight shipping services, freight transport services, air transport, land shipping
    Mavı Shipping, Forwardıng & Project Cargo Co. Ltd. provides International freight forwarding and Foreign Trading services. Mavi is specialized in heavy lift / Project cargo and
    Telephone: +90 216 533 34 31 Address: Site Mh. Başak Sk. Başak Apt. No:134, İstanbul, Turkey
  • insulation, heat insulant, insulating mat, insulating material, insulating plate, insulator, lamination, slitting, vertical cutting, horizontal cutting, die cutting, kiss cutting, assembly, group, set, laser cutting, marking, hot stamp, screen printing, cooker insulation, refrigator insulation, boiler insulation, air conditioner insulation, dishwasher insulation, washing machine insulation, automotive insulation, transportation insulation, electronic insulation, hvac systems, epdm, control panel
    MND Izolasyon is one of the leadest converter in market for giving right solutions for insulations in industrial applications. Established in 1999 and aim to strenghten the
    Telephone: +90 236 214 02 13 Address: Manisa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 418 Cadde, No: 3, Manisa, Turkey
  • insurance, cover, aids to trade, international insurance, activity, international insurance activities, foreign trade, foreign business, foreign commerce, international trade, external trade, foreign trade activity, foreign trade activities, road transport, land transport, international road transport, international road transport activity, international road transport activities, forwarding, transport, transportation, carrying, transporting, international transport, international
    Our company started its logistics activities with oil transport in 1994 with its experienced staff and team and continued petroleum transportation until 2008.Then our company
    Telephone: +90 232 422 00 21 Address: Mimar Sinan Mh. Ziya Gökalp Blv. No:9/2, İzmir, Turkey
  • project transportations, out of gauge transportation, fair transportation, container transportation, transit transportation, overland transport, suspension textile transportation, domestic distribution services, airline transport, project transportation, transit shipping transportation, railroad transportation, transit, transits, combined transport, combined transportation, railroad and container carrier
    As an Orion International Logistic, we take a step to make a difference and become a global logistic trade. Our one of the big target is to meet our customers’ satisfactions in
    Telephone: +90 324 231 51 01 Address: Yeni Mah. İsmet inönü Bulvarı, No:70, Klas Plaza B Blok, K:15/29, 33050, Akdeniz, Mersin, Turkey
  • maritime transport, railroad transportation, road transport, airline transport, transport, transportation
    Tehran acts with the consciousness of delivering Trans goods on time. Road transport with Turkish and foreign plate vehicles without customs clearance problem is carried
    Telephone: +90 216 576 80 91 Address: İnönü Mah. Orkide Sokak, No:1B/12, Aktaş Apt. Ataşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • passenger seat, passenger seats, vip seat, vip seats, guide seat, guide seats, m1 seat, m1 seats, bus seat, bus seats, coach seat, coach seats, citybus seats, public transportation seats, public transport seats, city service bus seats, minibus seat, minibus seats, midib
    Özyıldız Vehicle Seat Ltd. is one of the leading companies in passenger seat industry based in Turkey. Since its establishment, for 40 years Ozyıldız operated with continuous
    Telephone: +90 224 215 20 90 Address: Veyselkarani Mah. İnönü Cad. No: 384, Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
  • transportation, fuel, transport, petrol station, safe transportation, transportations, fuels, transports, petrol stations, safe transportations
    OUR MISSION, • Ensuring highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty at the highest level, • Having knowledge and experience, • Being sensitive and observant to the
    Telephone: +90 324 232 07 89 Address: Şevket Sümer Mahallesi, Okan Merkezci Bulvarı, No:33/A, Akdeniz, Mersin, Turkey
  • customs brokerage, consulting, import prodecures, exporting prodecures, free zone operations, transit services, port services, transportation, transportation services, logistics services, logistics, customs, customs services
    Organization of the administration of Customs, who resigned from his post at his own request by Fuat Özdemir, in 1981, "Fuat Özdemir Önder Gümrükleme" with the title, was founded
    Telephone: +90 324 337 52 52  Address: MAHMUDİYE MH. BAHÇELER CD. MATİAT İŞ MER. NO:27, AKDENİZ, İÇEL, TURKEY
  • transportation, importer, exporter, transporter, international transport
    ABOUT US WE ARE... NUR MUZAİEK For Import & Export. Trading company has offices in Syria and Turkey. Import and export to and from all countries of the world. Over 40 years
    Telephone: +90 545 724 72 73 Address: ALINÇAY MH. MEHMET KAFADAR CD. ATICI NO:11/1, ANTAKYA, HATAY, TURKEY
  • delivery, domestic delivery, international delivery, transportation, international transportation, complex transportation, partial transportation, dangerous goods transport, door to door transportation, shipping, carrying, transportation, high tonnage product shipments, high tonnage shipment, international shipment, international goods shipment, international product shipment, international cargo shipment, international cargo, negotiated special freight, complex partial
    Our company has been providing land transportation services since the years it was founded, and in addition our company's basic principles are rightness and honesty. Our company
    Telephone: +90 466 351 70 08 Address: Orta Hopa Mh. Turgay Ciner Cd. Saray Apt. Altı, No:53, Artvin, Hopa, Turkey
  • logistic, logistics, transportation, transportation services
    We give logistic, logistics, transportation, transportation
    Telephone: +90 326 239 07 54  Address: ZİYARET MH., ALTINÖZÜ, HATAY, TURKEY
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